Left For Dead 2 Cheats

If you're looking to make Left For Dead 2 easier on you, or you're just looking to have some good old video game shenanigans, here are the top ten Left For Dead 2 Cheats to spice up your boring life.

  1. Quick Healing.  First, use a handy-dandy adrenaline shot, then use your medikit to heal. This will take much less time to heal, especially when dealing with hordes.
  2. Surviving large hordes. Find a good, safe corner to hide in, then hold RB while aiming at the approaching zombies. You may get hit a few times and take minor damage.
  3. Easter Egg: Frank West from Dead Rising Reference. On Part 2 Underground, go to the bar underground. Go to the room with a bunch of writing on the walls, and look to the left. You will see writing that says "Out of flim no helicopter zombies are to fast no going to make it Frank West".
  4. Easter Egg: Midnight Riders Tour Bus. You'll have to be pretty quick to get this one. On part 2 Underground, when you leave the pool room, run outside and go to the fence. You should see the Midnight Riders tour bus pass by. So they DID survive after all…
  5. Gong Show (Achievement). In part 4 of "Dark Carnival", look around for the strength-testing game in the first area after leaving the safe room. Inject some adrenaline and mash the red button with a melee weapon to get the Gong Show Achievement (Note: This will summon infected!) 
  6. Infinite Fire Bullets. Pick up fire bullets or any other type of bullets Kill one bot. Once killed, deploy the ammo. Once the ammo is deployed, decapitate another bot and acquire its ammo. Revive your teammate, then reload while you have the ammo and voila! Infinite fire bullets.
  7. Easter Egg: "Eat Your Brains" Go to the very first level of Swamp Fever and work your way to the tavern. When you enter, look for a jukebox in the back, then stand in front of it and press X.  You should hear a song start to play.
  8. Adrenaline Shot (Glitch). Get an adrenaline shot while playing as Ellis.Switch to the adrenaline shot, but just as the shot goes off-screen, switch to your weapon. You will begin to hear Ellis have a tourettes attack. It sounds a little something like "WUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUBUB"
  9. Sky Walker (Glitch). Acquire either a pipe bomp or a gas canister. Throw it down on the floor next to you or shoot the gas can, then tap Y repeatedly. To stop, simply stop pressing Y.
  10. Easy Tank Kill. Acquire both a boomer bile jar, and special ammuniton. Throw the bile jar on the tank. When he is stuck in the horde, destroy him with your special ammunition.  



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