Lego Star Wars Games Cheats

While on your way to saving the galaxy, you might need to take a minute to try out one of these "Lego Star Wars" game cheats. Whether it’s an unlockable character, or something special to aid your quest, "Star Wars" is packed with an assortment of entertaining hidden items. Some of these codes might require purchasing, but all the money in the world won’t help you without the passwords, which must all be entered at the Cantina while playing "Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga."

  1. Invincibility. How can you do without the absolute quintessential cheat for nearly any game out there? This must be purchased with an exorbitant amount of studs, but you’ll be tearing apart Imperial forces like never before. Head into the Cantina once you’ve collected enough and punch in 4PR28U.
  2. Disguise. This one allows you to hide from enemy forces, and sneakily invade their perimeter with ease. Blend in, and ambush Stormtroopers and Droids before they even know what hit them. Disguise requires the code BRJ437.
  3. TIE Fighter. Yes, possibly the most recognizable ship in "Star Wars" is available to unlock in the game. Zip across the starry night sky and blast away after cracking it open with DBH897.
  4. Boba Fett. Quite possibly the coolest villain of all the "Star Wars" films is ready and available to help your journey across the galaxy. The infamous bounty hunter is accessible with LA811Y.
  5. Darth Maul. Okay, so you might not be enthralled with the newer films, but Darth Maul was still one of the toughest looking characters of all. The red and black faced light saber wielding character is yours to command with H35TUX.
  6. Stormtrooper. Expendable, somewhat stupid, and overall not the most intelligent piece of the Imperial forces, but still one of the more memorable villains in movie history. Get your white and black gear on with the code NBN431.
  7. Minikit Detector. Struggling to collect the various minikits scattered through each and every level? Unlock this cheat with LD116B and your character will immediately be able to locate and discover the elusive pieces so you can finally complete the game.
  8. Tri Fighter. The fast, heavily armored droid fighter ship is unlockable for "Lego Star Wars", equipped with laser cannons and missiles. Run over to the Cantina, enter AAB123, and prepare for takeoff.  
  9. Ewok. Love or hate them, the Ewoks are still one of the most popular characters from the original "Star Wars" saga. The teddy bear-like warriors are unleashed with EWK785.
  10. Indiana Jones. Yes, this is a little random, but Indiana Jones is no stranger to the Lego game series. To play as the famous adventurer, find the Bonus Room, watch the game trailer, and Indy will become another playable character.
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