Letter Of Appreciation Example

Make a fine impression by writing an expression of thanks with the help of this letter of appreciation example. Write a letter of appreciation whenever someone helps you or does a kindness. A letter of appreciation makes an impact on whomever receives it. You will be remembered for your expression of gratitude.

First Paragraph In the first paragraph of your letter of appreciation, describe the deed or object for which you are grateful. Describe it in glowing terms. Make it sound awesome.

Second Paragraph Here is the part of your letter of appreciation where you describe the person or organization that did something nice. Tell them how extraordinarily wonderful they are. Write about what kind of person they are for having done such kindness.

Third Paragraph Express your thanks in the third paragraph of your letter of appreciation. Explain your feelings. Describe what the act of kindness means to you and/or your organization.

Letter of Appreciation Example:

Dear Mr. Paul,

As I sit here, I am looking at the glorious bouquet of flowers you sent us on Tuesday for our grand re-opening. The vase just glows, and the flowers are as fresh as the day they were sent. The scent of roses is perfuming the office.

We all think you and the company you represent have shown a lot of kindness by sending the flowers. It's not everyone who would think to make such an encouraging and thoughtful gesture. Nice people like you are quite special.

All of us here appreciate your acknowledgement of our efforts to re-open in style. You certainly helped us do that. Every morning, the flowers greet us, and we think of your good will toward us. We used your bouquet on the front office counter during our celebration. I can't think of a better decoration than that.

Very truly yours,

Your Name Here

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