Level A Pool Table

Next to measuring a room for size, learning how to level a pool table is the second head-scratcher a billiard-playing homeowner undertakes. Fail to do it perfectly and the balls will automatically favor a pocket. Fortunately, there are a number of steps the homeowner takes to ensure that he will level a pool table the right way from the start.

Tools of the trade needed include:

  • 3-foot carpenter’s level
  • Wood shims

Now you are ready to get started and level a pool table:

  1. Set up the table. Choose a room with a level floor. If you choose a ground floor location, consider reinforcing the floor joists from the crawl space to prevent uneven settling of the table. If possible, avoid the use of a rug underneath the table to prevent uneven settling.
  2. Assess the level of the playing surface. Rely on the 3-foot level to check on the horizontal and diagonal. It is not uncommon to level a pool table lengthwise only to find out that it is uneven when measured at the width. Check for evenness after each leveling.
  3. Shim the table as needed. Use only wood shims due to sturdiness. Although there are cheaper cardboard shims on the market, do not use them. As the table settles over time, it dents the cardboard and results in further unevenness.
  4. Verify that the surface is level. A marble test is said to work wonders when trying to find out if you were successful in your attempt to level a pool table. This is not necessarily true. If you already applied the felt and did so incorrectly, there is a chance that the marble will not roll freely. Rather than taking your chances with the marble, use the carpenter’s level again; this time apply it across each pocket. The bubble does not lie.

If the steps needed to level a pool table sound too labor intensive or time consuming, consider hiring a pool table mover who not only assembles the table but also levels it. Ask for the business warranty and simply have the professionals put in the work to get the billiard table perfectly adjusted.

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