LGBT Definition

Many people would like to know what the true LGBT definition is. To be precise, there are a lot of things that go into Queer Culture and the LGBT community. The term itself is used to define a gray area of individuals who do not fit (or feel they "fit") inside the norms of heterosexual society. Regardless of your opinion on LGBT, read on to learn more about the history, culture and definition of the term.

LGBT, when broken down as an acronym, means "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered." Unfortunately, this is a very strict definition that does not encompass all (or even most) of the LGBT community. While many of those who participate in Queer Culture are homosexual, bisexual or transgendered, a good amount of others do not. For example, intersexual, pansexual and omnisexual individuals make up a significant portion of the LGBT community.

There are different names for LGBT. Because of the problematic titling of LGBT, many leaders of various Queer Culture groups around the world have opted to rename themselves. For example, LGBTQ includes an extra letter ("Q") for those who consider themselves questioning and/or queer (which both, conveniently, start with the letter "Q"). There are also substitutions between the Lesbian and Gay acronyms, such as GLBT or GLBTQ.

Most LGBT groups, although not by definition, welcome straight people. Sometimes, if the group is particularly open-minded, they will allow straight people into their cliques, groups and gatherings. Other times, LGBT can be more exclusive; this is because the members oftentimes feel, justly, that they want to get away from straight culture for a while.

LGBT groups celebrate NCOD. National Coming Out Day (or "NCOD") is an annual day commemorating those who are oppressed for being homosexual, have not "come out" and those who wish to do so. Many LGBT groups host events on campuses, restaurants, or rallies to get public awareness for homosexual discrimination.

If you know all of these things, you will now know the true LGBT definition. Queer Culture isn't only about lesbians and gays as it is about those who are excluded from mainstream culture due to their sexuality. That, in essence, is the true LGBT definition.

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