Lifehouse Songs

If you like soft rock bands, then you should definitely know some Lifehouse songs. Some of their songs are mushy loves songs, while others are blatant Christian songs, but don’t let this fool you, Lifehouse definitely has a nice sound and you should try out some of their stuff just to see if you like it!

  1. “You and Me” This is the song that Lifehouse got big for, and for good reason. “You and Me” is a great love tune that is about two people just living, but still staying in love. This is a perfect song for guys to play for their ladies, because chances are, they love this little Lifehouse tune.
  2. “Everything” One of Lifehouse's big jams, “Everything” falls into that aforementioned Christian rock song. This song goes great with the 'Everything' skit (a play that is shown in churches all over the world and deals with temptation and being pulled away from Jesus Christ) because it displays its message of being tempted by things in the world but eventually overcoming them in the end. Even if you aren’t a Christian, give this Lifehouse song a listen because it is very inspirational and will, at the least, make you feel good.
  3. “Hanging by a Moment” Another one of Lifehouse's big love songs, “Hanging by a Moment” goes a different route than “You and Me”. This Lifehouse tune describes someone who is very much in love with someone else. It describes the feeling of being with the one they truly love and feeling like they could just let everything else go and stay in that time with that person forever. This may sound like an unmanly love song, but keep in mind guys, your girlfriend or wife probably loves this Lifehouse song whether they’ve heard it before or not.
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