Lifelock Complaints

There are people who file Lifelock complaints, since they feel that they're hiring a top service. Many of these people face threats of identity theft every day, so they consider the idea of securing their identities and protect themselves. As Lifelock takes care of all of it for customers. However, there are a great number of people who complain about LifeLocks.

  1. People Can Do It Themselves. Lots of people smirk and complain that Lifelock provides services they can do for themselves. This is one of the most common Lifelock complaints. They say that monitoring credits, putting on opt-out mailing lists and so forth are easy things to do, so they decide not to get Lifelock security and prefer to do it themselves.
  2. Waste of Money. People pay 10 dollars per month for their Lifelock in order to safeguard their credit and social security number. Even though lots of people think 10 dollars is a small price to pay for peace of mind, there are others who think the opposite and say it is a waste of money. Since these people say they can safeguard for themselves, they do not need to pay anything,
  3. Concerns about Efficiency of Service. Another common Lifelock complaint is the concern of efficiency of its service. Some people say that Lifelock’s service is not as efficient as Lifelock proclaims it to be and leaves much to be desired. They say Lifelock does not ensure foolproof protection of the personal information of its customers. So, there’s no guarantee that Lifelock preserves the personal information of its customers.
  4. 1 Million Dollars not Total Service Guarantee. Lifelock’s new Identity Alert System and Command Center is famous for their million dollar Service Guarantee. It means that if the customer happens to become a victim or of identity theft or get his/her social security number misused, the company Lifelock will pay up to one million dollars. Despite of the fact that some people feel confident of that service, others don’t. However, these complaints seem to originate more often from people who are not even customers.
  5. Low probabilities of Losing Identity. Some people who file Lifelock complaints think they are not likely to lose their identity from thefts, so they ignore the idea of getting Lifelock security. This is particularly the case for those people who have not experienced identity theft yet and don’t know the hassle and stress it causes or those who have never seen others deal with identity theft.
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