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The biography of Lil Twist, or Christopher Moore, could be considered the typical story of a rapper from Oak Cliff Texas if not for the young age at which he reached his success. He first became interested in rapping, at age seven, when his older cousins started trying their hands at it. Their first recordings were in a closet in his house where they used a tape recorder before transferring them to the family computer where they would edit in the music. He first began to garner attention in the Dallas rap scene in 2003 at the age of ten, shortly after getting together with a professional producer. The producer helped him create Lil Twist's first hit, “Texas Twist,” which initially received an enthusiastic response from local urban radio.

He received a number of offers to sign with various labels at the time, but decided to hold out for the right fit. However, when the DJ who had first pushed the single was fired, it quickly sank on the station's playlist. "They snatched my song off the radio and I had a huge downfall because they were player-hating. I would hear word around that everyone was saying, 'It's over for Twist.' They were really hating on the kid, you know?"

Lil Twist caught the attention of Lil Wayne when he opened for him at a concert in Dallas. When Lil Wayne brought Twist to his studio in Atlanta, he impressed Wayne with his freestyle skills, prompting him to invite Twist to tour with Wayne's Young Money Entertainment from 2008 to 2009. During that time he recorded two mixtapes, “The Yearbook” and “Class President.” Twist was officially signed to Young Money Entertainment in May 2010 and has since been touring in between finishing high school via home school; he had to leave public school when his celebrity became a distractuion to other students.

He also began collaborating with other Young Money artists, such as Lil Wayne, Micki Minaj and Drake, for his upcoming debut album "Don't Get It Twisted." Perhaps the most high profile artist working with Lil Twist outside the Young Money stable is Justin Bieber. Also reportedly a close personal friend of Twist, Bieber will be on the album, which is set for a June 2011 release. Twist says that his album will be "very universal. It's my pop side, it's my rock side, it's my R&B singing side and it's my rap side."

Lil Twist also seems to have his eye on a possible movie career as he just finished an appearance in the film "Lottery Ticket" with Bow Wow and Ice Cube. As the protoge of rapping phenom Lil Wayne and with the backing of a label with a promising pedigree, the career bio of Lil Twist may have a long story yet to be seen. In the meantime, he continues to build his brand with live performances, appearances on other Young Money albums and the roll out of his first album.

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