Lil’ Wayne I Feel Like Dying Lyrics

Go behind the words with Lil' Wayne's “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is an American rapper that goes by the stage name Lil' Wayne. “I Feel Like Dying” was originally set to be on “Tha Carter III” but the album was leaked online. Lil’ Wayne then released the song on “Tha Carter III Mixtape”.

The “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics are haunting. The title is repeated throughout the song. The full line is “Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying” and these lyrics are said in a strange cartoon-like voice. The repetition of these lyrics in that voice helps this song be catchy and lingering.

The “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics also references drugs several times throughout the song. Some examples are: “on marijuana street”, “in a marijuana field”, “into a sea of Codeine” and “locked up behind Xanax bars”. The “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics also have a lot of strange imagery that gives the listener the sense that the singer is high on drugs. One of these lyrics is “I can play basketball with the moon”. The “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics shows how the speaker uses drugs to get high. When they are using, life is wonderful but that lyrics “I feel like dying” keeps being repeated. This lyrics are repeated to help remind the listener of the darker side of that wonderful high.

The song takes a darker turn towards the end. The shift is at this line “Pop, pop, I feel like flying, then I feel like frying, then…I feel like dying.” The listener goes on the up and down ride with the singer. Everything is great when the singer is high but as the drugs wear off the cruel reality sets in.

The “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics in the last part of the song are the most powerful. The lyrics “I am a prisoner, locked up behind Xanax bars” shows the listener how the singer feels trapped by the addiction. The next image expressed in the lyrics, “violets are blue, roses are red daisies are yellow, the flowers are dead” is equally evocative, with the lyrics being modeled after a familiar rhyme. The very last “I Feel Like Dying” lyrics are the same lines that the song stars with repeated. While this song is very catchy and lyrical, the “I feel Like Dying” lyrics paints a dark picture of drug use.

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