Lil Wayne Love Quotes

Lil Wayne’s love quotes freely expresses his thoughts and feelings about love on his raps. He is both a ladies’ man and a loving father to all his kids and these really show in his lines. He might only be in his late 20’s but the way he expresses love through his music shows a man who has experienced much already. 

  1. “I love my baby mamas, they get my highest honors.” Lil Wayne fathered four children with three women. Although he might not have stuck to one with his first marriage ending in a divorce after 2 years only, Lil Wayne affirms that he reserves his greatest respect to the women who bore his children.
  2. “And I don’t mind when we fall out as long as we fall back into it.” Here, Lil Wayne acknowledges that people do fall into and out of love. He knows that one time or another, his love might not feel as strongly in love as always but he hopes that even if they lose sight of each other, they will always find their way back together. Now that’s a nice Lil Wayne love quote.
  3. “Love is a beautiful lie which most prefer when the truth hurts.” They say that when you look through the eyes of love, you will only see the beautiful aspects of the person you love. But what is more profound is that although you know that the person you love is not perfect, you willingly turn a blind eye to his or her faults and accept them fully as they are.
  4. “Ain’t it funny how love finds you in your darkest place?” This is one of Lil Wayne’s best love quotes. Lil Wayne expresses that love cannot be hindered and will always find you even in the most unlikely of places. Even if you are buried deep in the dark, your true love will always find you and take you back to the light.
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