Lil Wayne Tattoos Meaning

People often wonder about Lil Wayne’s tattoos meanings. Lil Wayne is a famous rap artist known as “Weezy Baby” and for his incredible lyrics. His body is covered in tattoos, from his face to his feet, which has caused much discussion about him. Here are some of his tattoos along with what they are thought to mean.

  1. Teardrops by his eyes. Lil Wayne has three teardrops just below his eyes and much speculation has been placed on these. Many think they stand for the number of people he has killed, but this is not true. Others speculate that the meaning of these tattoos is that they represent three of his close friends who died.
  2. “Fear God” and the letter “C.” The words read “fear God” are tattooed on Lil Wayne’s eye lids as well as the letter “C” between his eyebrows. Many think the letter “C” stands for his last name, Carter; while others think it stands for his belief in God, meaning Christian. There is a cross tattooed just above the letter “C” causing many to believe that he is a Christian.
  3. “I am music.” These words are tattooed in red above his right eyebrow. Lil Wayne claims to have a love for music and owes his success to many people who have helped him get to where he is and therefore music is who he is.
  4. “Tune.” Next to Lil Wayne’s left ear is a tattoo that reads “Tune.” This is said to be short for Lil Tunechileoncious; which is a nickname his grandma gave him when he was a child.



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