Lil Wayne’s 5 Best Verses

Birdman Jr. has released more songs in his twenties than most hip hop labels release in a decade, so narrowing down Lil Wayne's 5 best verses is a heavy task. These verses stand out for their inventiveness and Weezy trademarks.

  1. "Down" There are more than a few songs featuring Lil Wayne, and British R&B artist Jay Sean's massively successful 2009 single "Down" features one of Lil Wayne's best verses. With limited subject matter to work with (the song's hook is nothing more than "Baby are you down, down, down, down, down?"), Lil Wayne provides some clever lyrics. "Don’t it look like baby cupid sent his arrows from above," sings the rapper known for lyrics a bit less romantic. In the verse's best line, Lil Wayne raps:  "I got that girl from overseas / Now she's my Miss America / Now can I be her soldier, please?"
  2. "Lost" One of Lil Wayne's best verses appears in Gorilla Zoe's 2008 single "Lost." The song finds Boyz n da Hood member Gorilla Zoe singing about being lost "on and off the road," meaning that even though he's touring as a rapper, he still feels confused about life. Lil Wayne, who's been in jail, can sympathize with this feeling and comes in with one of his best verses in the middle of the song. "I used to be so well-rounded / But now I tiptoe on Hell’s boundaries," raps Lil Wayne, describing a fall from grace. Even a dumb pun "Trapped in a maze / therefore I am amazing" finds Lil Wayne fronting the way only he could.
  3. "Vans Freestyle" Lil Wayne isn't the biggest guy around, so he hardly comes off as menacing (unless you find his teardop tattoo scary). But in one of Lil Wayne's best verses, he shows that he's no one to be messed with, at least in terms of wordplay. In "Vans Freestyle," Weezy raps "Baby I'm the god, I should walk around with nuns / But I walk around with guns / Use your head or you walk around with none." This is one of Lil Wayne's best verses, showing that he is a god among rappers.
  4. "Swizzy (Remix)" A lot of rappers wear grills on their teeth, but if you're Lil Wayne you take it to a whole new level. Weezy has a grill made out of diamonds, so you know he's serious about grills. One of Lil Wayne's best verses appears in "Swizzy (Remix)." "You make it so hard when it all so basic / Chevy grill look like a set of new braces," raps the man with the best grill (and some of the best rhymes) around.
  5. "Lollipop (Remix)" One of Lil Wayne's best verses appears in a remix of one of his best and most successful songs, "Lollipop." Joined by fellow top-hip-hopper Kanye West, Wayne expands on the theme of this hit song with some more lyrics about the girl who "wants to lick the rapper." Weezy raps: "Pick your poison and if that woman want to cut / Then tell her I am Mr. Ointment / Tell her make an appointment." This is one of Lil Wayne's best verses, showing that he can outshine other star rappers.
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