Lip Tattoos For Men

Lip tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular because of their creative nature and secrecy. They’re not exactly tattoos that everyone will see, but they’re fun to get if you want to keep a cool secret about your body or if you want to keep your appearance safe for work. There are loads of lip tattoos that men can get, and these are some of the best ones!

  1. Get a logo of something that you like in your lip. Because tattoos on the inside of the lip tend to be quite simple (composed mainly of black ink and minimal lines), you might want to look into getting a tattoo of a logo on your lip. For example, if you really like a particular cola brand and drink it religiously, it could be fun to get its logo on the inside of your lip. Maybe you even had a favorite comic book as a child. You could get the super hero’s symbol tattooed on your lip.
  2. Small phrases or words that you like make great lip tattoos. One of the most popular ideas for these types of tattoos are small words or phrases that either hold an important meaning to you or would stir up a few laughs from those you show it to. For example, you could get, “Yes, this hurt,” on your lip. Other ideas include “Made in the USA,” “Glee Fan,” and more.
  3. You can use the name of a current or past lover for a lip tattoo. Is love in the air? Do you miss someone terribly? If you’re feeling sporadic enough, you might want to consider getting a lip tattoo with your lover’s or ex’s name. It’s not something that anyone would ever see, should you choose not to show it to anyone. It could just be a personal little reminder and keepsake.
  4. If you’re a smoker or tobacco chewer, “Tobacco Here” can make a great lip tattoo. Even if you don’t use tobacco, you can use other funny expressions such as, “Food Here,” or “Insert Cupcake Here.”
  5. Use internet abbreviations if you want to get a laugh out of your friends.  Internet abbreviations look funny on everything, so why not try getting “LOL” or “WTF” tattooed on your lip.
  6. A bar code is a fun idea as well! Many people might have this tattoo on the outside of their body, but maybe not on their inner lip. It could be a cool conversation topic if you’re willing to show it to new friends, and the ladies will love it!
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