Lipozene Side Effects

The most common Lipozene side effect is a ripped off customer. Lipozene is one of those so-called super dietary supplements. It's supposed to help you lose weight. The truth is, Lipozene has no real secret ingredients in it at all. Lipozene uses the same component that most dietary supplements use, glucomannan. Lipozene has other ingredients, but they're in such small amount, that they couldn't be all that effective. It's the addition of the glucomannan that promotes any weight loss. This is because glucomannan makes you feel full, as it is high in fiber. Glucomannan can cause the following side effects.

  1. Gas and bloating. This should come as no surprise. Any food or food supplement that contains high levels of fiber is going to alter your digestive tract. Lipozene is no different. It may promote weight loss from making you feel full, but you also have the chance of having gas and bloating.
  2. Feeling full. This is the side effect anyone using Lipozene is going for. Curbing the appetite is how most of these supplements promote weight loss. The less food you consume, the more weight you lose, provided you continue to work out.
  3. Nausea and abdominal pain. This is no doubt caused by the buid up of gas in your digestive system. It's that gas that makes you feel full. It's also that gas that can be painful or cause you to feel like you need to expel it, one way or another.
  4. Diarrhea. This one's slightly surprising. When you think high fiber intake, usually blockage comes to mind. However, Lipozene has been known to cause diarrhea as well. 
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