A List Of 5 Best Comedy Movies Of The 2000s

Need a list of the 5 best comedy movies of the 2000s? The five best comedy movies of the 2000s haves started out the new millennium with a bang of laughter and jokes galore for audiences. These movies bring out the new wave of hilarity for the 2000s and add to the comedy pantheon. The 2000s ushered in a new era of comedy movies for fans who enjoy a good laugh now more than ever as these new school classics revitalize the genre. Nothing ever beats a good comedy movie at the theater, but these released in the 2000s are the best of the best in silliness and humor. Here are the five best comedy movies of the 2000s:

  1. "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" (2005). The comedy movie made Steve Carell a star as the titular character who tries to find the right one. A laugh riot is filled with so many truths about love, relationships and life with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.
  2. "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" (2004). John Cho and Kal Penn star as two roommates who seek out to snack on some sliders one fateful night. Another comedy classic pulls out all the stops that reintroduced the world to the awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris.
  3. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (2004). Will Farrell leads an all-star cast of hilarity about the cut throat world of network news. This comedy movie will have audiences never look at their local media the same way again.
  4. "Bad Santa" (2003). Billy Bob Thornton is a shopping mall Santa by day and a drunk, vulgar, louse of a human being all the other hours in between. His scheming ways get him involved in a robbery plot with an elf, a Santa groupie, and befriending a socially awkward child.
  5. "Tropic Thunder" (2008). The cast of a failing big-budgeted movie set during the Vietnam War volunteer to be thrown into a jungle to film the rest of the script guerilla style. This comedy movie goes full-tilt with laughter as Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and crew work their magic which includes a phenomenal cameo performance by Tom Cruise as a megalomanic movie producer.
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