List Of Celebrity Sex Tapes

The secret life of celebrities have always been intriguing to most of us, so read on to find out a list of celebrity sex tapes that have made the headline of many entertainment news. Some of these scandalous sex tapes may still be available online, but many have already been completely erased due to lawsuit pursued by the celebrities.

  1. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. In August, 2009, a video was posted on the blog Gawker, featuring Eric dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche. The three of them were all naked and were seemingly under the influence of drugs; there is also a conversation about cocaine use. This is one of the most shocking celebrity sex tapes as the three of them have always had a clean image in public.
  2. Paris Hilton. This may be one of the most popular and widely discussed celebrity sex tapes. The tape shows Paris having sex with her then-boyfriend in a dark hotel room. Paris Hilton then allowed the release of the sex tape under the title "1 Night in Paris." She now receives royalty from the tape.
  3. Pamela Anderson. A Playmate for "Playboy" and an TV actress, Pamela Anderson was featured in two celebrity sex tapes. The sex tape featuring Anderson and her then-husband Tommy Lee Jones was shot during their honeymoon, and was one of the earliest celebrity sex tapes available online. The other sex tape shows Anderson and Bret Michaels engaging in sexual activities. The tape was available in DVD and online.
  4. Kim Kardashian. One of the most disputed celebrity sex tapes is made by socialite Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray J the rap star. Kardashian filed a lawsuit against the company that distributed the sex tape, which according to her was aimed only for private viewing. The adult film distributor, however, insisted that the company had the legal right to release the tape.
  5. Colin Farrell. In July 2006, Colin Farrell filed a lawsuit against his former girlfriend Nicole Narain, a model for "Playboy" for releasing a private sex tape. The judge in Los Angeles agreed to issue an injunction that would prevent the legal distribution and release of the sex tape. Farrell then reached a settlement with Narain. 
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