List Of Fetishes

If you would like to learn more about sexuality, read a list of fetishes to find out what people are into. Perhaps you have certain fetishes and want to feel as though you are normal. Fetishes are when you become aroused at certain situations or even objects. It can run the gamut from mild to extreme. Exploring fetishes should be done with other people that are into the same thing. Keep an open mind when reviewing a list of fetishes. People can't help what they are aroused by.

  1. Foot fetish This one is pretty self-explanatory. Someone with a foot fetish becomes aroused by looking, touching and even smelling feet. It often extends to becoming aroused by socks and stockings.
  2. Insects A fetish involving insects may be one of the most disturbing to people when reading a list of fetishes. Most of us are creeped out by bugs. Some people become aroused when insects crawl around on their genitals.
  3. Urination Otherwise known as golden showers, a urination fetish is someone that loves being peed on. They might also get off by peeing on someone else. At least urine is sterile and it doesn't carry much in the way of health risks.
  4. Amputee A hard to understand fetish is being sexually aroused by having a limb amputated from their body. In order for it to work for someone, they must be awake during the process. A person with an amputee fetish becomes aroused during the amputation and also at the memory of it.
  5. Catheter A catheter fetish is when a person is aroused by having a catheter put in. This can be quite painful and can be part of the arousal process.
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