List Of Timeshare Scam Companies

The list of timeshare scam companies seems to expand as the industry invents new scams to reel in new customers. The average yearly cost of owning a timeshare is $2,450. That only covers the cost of the room–no other travel expenses. An upscale $300 a night room in a classy resort totals $2,100–$350 less than the yearly cost of a timeshare. And timeshare rooms vary greatly in quality. Only a tiny fraction of timeshares rival the quality of a $300 resort room. Some are barely decent, while other timeshares are completely outdated.

Once vacationers are sold a timeshare, they are close to impossible to sell or unload. Timeshare owners quickly see the burden they become so the market is flooded with people trying to sell. Many timeshare companies run scams that promise to sell unwanted timeshares, but few deliver. Vacationers find instead of the freedom to travel where and when they want, timeshares put so many membership restrictions on the availability of units, timeshare owners actually find their travel plans restricted. Here is a list of timeshare scam companies.

  1. Timeshare Broker Services of Florida. This timeshare company has no Better Business Rating and has been accused of jacking up prices of their timeshares they sell to the public. The BBB also warns the public of deceptive travel related promotions.
  2. Property Expert Marketing. The timeshare scam company promises to sell your timeshare, but asks for an upfront payment. The Better Business Bureau reports after receiving the money, they do nothing.
  3. Global Resort Condos. This timeshare scam company has several complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau. They have been reported for scams on both ends of timeshare condos schemes– promising to sell timeshares and selling timeshare weeks that don't exist.
  4. Eastern Holiday Access. This timeshare scam company is listed on the Timeshare Council Black List and on Crimeshare. This company scams unsuspecting clients looking to get rid of their timeshare burden.
  5. Fair Holiday Publishing. Also on the Timeshare Black List, this timeshare scam company has been known to call individuals who are trying to sell their timeshares and telling them they have found a buyer. They then asked for a credit card deposit and promise after receiving the deposit, the deal will be complete. Clients who pay the deposit don't hear from them again.
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