Listen To Free Music On The Internet

It is 100 percent possible to listen to free music on the internet. Even now where almost everything comes at a price, music does not have to. There are many different websites or platforms you can use to listen to free music on the net.

  1. Pandora. Pandora is an internet radio software that allows you to listen to free music on the internet. It is one of the best internet radio softwares out there currently. With Pandora, you can create custom playlists in minutes. Just type in the name of any artist and you can receive a playlist of that artist's music and similar types of music. Pandora offers the software for not only your PC, but for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, and Windows Mobile. They are really one of the most recognized playlist programs on the web.
  2. is a music service that works by recommending music to you based on what you are listening to. You can watch music videos on their website, take part in discussions, and listen to their internet radio.'s music is free to listen to. Sometimes they even have free downloads. They keep up with the competition with Xbox Live apps, iPhone apps, desktop apps, and apps for most other cell phones.
  3. Grooveshark. Grooveshark is an internet-based application you can use to listen to free music on the internet. It works by users sharing the music on their PC with Grooveshark. Grooveshark then streams the music over the internet for free. The application is easy to use, has playlist options, and has a subscription-based service that has even more features.
  4. Yahoo! Music. Yahoo! Music is the music homepage for There you can listen to Yahoo's internet radio and play music videos. You can listen to all of Yahoo's music free at any time. Yahoo also offers coverage of live shows and interviews, which make them a serious contender to other music applications.
  5. YouTube Music. YouTube Music is the music subpage of YouTube offers a large variety of music videos you can watch free. They are not exactly a streaming music site, but they come real close.
  6. is very similar to YouTube, but they only have music videos.'s music video selection is impressive to say the least. You can watch all of the music videos free there as well.
  7. AOL Music. AOL Music is the music subpage of AOL Music offers streaming radio, music videos, lyrics, and pictures of your favorite bands. They are similar to Yahoo! Music, but have a little less content. AOL Music is worth trying out when you need something to listen to without paying a dime. 
  8. Rhapsody. Rhapsody is a streaming media company. They have streaming music, photos, videos, and downloads. Rhapsody requires a subscription, but you can listen to 25 free songs a month with them before you have to subscribe. They have a noteworthy selection of tunes that you can listen to free.
  9. is a search engine that you can use to find free music to listen to online. The search engine searches all of the social media pages to bring free music to your fingertips.
  10. MySpace Music. MySpace Music is the music section of the social platform MySpace. Recording artists upload their songs onto MySpace and you can listen to them free. A great benefit is that you can buy the album or the song straight from the artist's page.
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