Listen To Free Music Online Without Downloading

In the earlier days of online music, many people only had to download songs through a computer but in these times, people can listen to free music online without downloading. This method is easy without the hassle of downloading countless songs and loading your computer with tons of music files. If you want your music instantly without waiting, look for these top websites for free music without download.

To listen to free music online without downloading, you will need:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Computer speakers with audio
  • Abode flash player
  1. Youtube- The biggest video media website, Youtube is a great place to listen to free music online without downloading. Millions of songs are uploaded on the music site everyday, and if you are looking for any online music, Youtube has it. From theme songs to TV shows and movies, music from your favorite artists can found on the website online.
  2. Yahoo! Music- Yahoo! has its own music station to listen to non-downloading songs. It has an internet radio station in several genres that fits anyone's music tastes so if you like country, you can listen to dozens of songs from some of the biggest music stars in that genre without downloading. Yahoo! Music also provides music news and videos other than its radio station. The only requirement to use Yahoo! Music is logging in your account to gain access.
  3. Pandora Internet Radio- This is similar to Yahoo! Music but users are able to create their own radio stations typing in their favorite singer/bands name. No downloading is necessary; any song you wish to hear from a singer displays in a matter of seconds. To get most out of Pandora radio, register to become an official member and save all radio stations you created on the music site.



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