Listen To Music Free On Internet

Looking to listen to free music on internet? There are literally dozens of places to hit up for free internet music. Check out this article for some ideals on how and where to find free music on the internet.

What you will need to listen to free music over the internet:

  • Computer
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Internet access
  1. The best and biggest variety would be internet radio. Most offer free listening with commercial interruptions and many allow subscription services. The options are great for internet radio because they allow you to pick a genre or base your listening off a band. Two of the best available are Pandora and FMRadio. Simple search for internet radio on your favorite search engine and have at it.
  2. Local area radio stations online. This option is free and is offered by most all FM stations. Simply search for your local station by call letters or by city. You can also tune into other stations across the country the same way, for free. The streaming is normally fluid and without interruption and the listening is free, the best part.
  3. Sites such as daily motion and YouTube also allow you to listen to music for free. This is in the way of user placed songs by your favorite artists or videos. This is a free option and for places like YouTube they have user stations that you can tune into that will play a variety of songs from the same group. No need to watch the videos the song clarity is fantastic and the streaming fluid.
  4. Lastly, search for file sharing sites such as Torrent to download music for free. These sites offer a variety of musical choices. All are privately owned and the legalities is in question. So play at your own rick. One other thing to be careful of are viruses transmitted through the file downloads. This is an option for free music over the internet. To locate these sites simple search for music file sharing and search and select.
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