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If you’ve ever been on a school computer before, then you probably know that most schools have made it nearly impossible to do leisurely things such as listen to music at school. However, it’s no secret that school can lean a little on the boring side at times and it requires some recreational music listening to liven things up! You don’t need any extra software or gizmos to listen to music at school. All you need is a school computer and an idea of some songs you’d like to listen to.

To listen to music at school, you will need:

  • A school computer
  • Internet access
  1. First, try This is a site that is very similar to Pandora in that it offers free internet radio. The only difference is that it isn’t as popular, making it highly likely that it won’t be blocked by your school filters. You can create your own playlists, listen to various pre-made lists, and more. Remember to bring some headphones so that you don’t disturb other students!
  2. If that didn’t work, try an anonymous proxy service like Anonymous proxy sites allow you to browse sites that you normally wouldn’t be able to access through the use of someone else’s internet connection. It’s not wise to do confidential things through an anonymous proxy site such as check email and do banking, but it’s okay if you want to listen to music.
  3. After logging onto, select “English” from the languages offered. The site also works in Dutch, so choose that if you’d like as well.
  4. On the following page, type the URL you’d like to visit into the text field.You can type any URL you can think of. You can try Pandora, Slacker Radio, and many other sites that allow you to listen to music. Anonymouse will retrieve these sites for you so that you can view it through your web browser without ever actually visiting the site.
  5. Remember never to give these site names out!Spreading the word about these types of sites can get them blocked by the school system easily (causing you to not be able to listen to music anymore). Because of this, be sure to keep it a secret and don’t visit it too often!
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