Living With HPV Guide

This living with HPV guide will teach you how to take care of yourself if you have HPV (Human Papillomavirus). You may know that HPV is an infectious virus that spreads through both oral and regular sex.

The virus leads to symptoms in 10% of cases. This includes cervical cancer in women and anal, oral and penis cancer in men. Some HPV strains cause cancer. Some cause genital warts. Many other strains cause no symptoms at all. If you know you have a harmful strain of HPV, then follow these simple steps.

Treat your genital warts if you have them. Genital warts are contagious, even with a condom. See a doctor to find out the best way to treat warts. Women may need to get regular pelvic exams.

Practice abstinence. Yes, it's hard. However, you do not want to spread the HPV virus until you cure the genital warts and clear the virus out of your system.

Boost your immune system. Enjoy a healthy diet with regular exercise. Throw in some yoga or meditation for added benefits. All these things will boost your immune system.  

Enjoy life. Living with HPV can be difficult. No matter what's going on in your life, you need to enjoy it. Sing, dance, learn an instrument or find a hobby you enjoy. Start a support group with other people who are also living with HPV and make it fun. 

This living with HPV guide is meant to help you live a better life. It is not a substitute for sound medical advice. Talk to your doctor to find specific ways to treat HPV. 

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