Locksmith Tools And Supplies

A locksmith's tools and supplies are just as important as his skill and experience in the trade. Locksmithing requires specialized tools for different locks and locking devices. Without these tools a locksmith may be forced to improvise–oftentimes unsuccessfully. A locksmith’s tools and supplies range from screwdrivers to specialized lock-picking tools and kits. They may also incorporate special destructive devices for opening locks in their locksmith tool arsenal. Like many trades, a locksmith’s tools are the heart of their business.

  1. Torsion Wrench The torsion wrench is a necessity in the locksmith’s tool kit. The torsion wrench is an “L” shaped, flat-steel tool that is used with a number of different lock-picking tools. The locksmith will use this tool to hold the pins and apply pressure to open the lock.
  2. The Slim Jim A popular locksmith tool is the slim jim or the slim shim. This tool is a flat piece of spring steel with a notch towards the bottom. The slim jim is designed to slide in-between the glass of a car door and the weather-stripping. The locksmith can use this tool to maneuver to the locking mechanism or control arm and trigger it to open using the notch on the bottom of the slim jim and pulling up.
  3. Manual Lock Pick Guns Another locksmith tool that has been around since the 1020s is the manual lock pick gun, sometimes called the “pick gun.” This device is also common among law enforcement officers to open standard key and tumbler locks. These pick guns work by applying sudden pressure to the bottom pins. This energy transfers to the upper pins simultaneously to jump and release the lock.
  4. Rake Pick Beginning locksmiths often use a rake pick because it takes less skill than other lock picks. The name comes from the design and use of the pick to “rake” across the pins rapidly to move them above the shear line, which allows a torsion tool to roll the locking mechanism. There are a variety of rake picks on the market designed to work with different types of locks

A locksmith’s tools and supplies are like the right arm of a locksmith. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and no one lock pick will work the same on different locks. To become a proficient locksmith you will need to gain experience and knowledge about many different types of locks and the tools used to pick or open them.

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