Long Term Effects Of Alcohol

The long term effects of alcohol are just as serious as the short term effects, but the scary part is that these effects of alcohol can stick around for quite a long time. The more a person drinks and the more frequently they do t, the higher the risk that they will suffer long term physical and mental damage. It’s a good idea for anyone to educate themselves and research these effects either as an initiative to never start drinking heavily or to begin helping a friend out.

One of the most common long term effects of drinking alcohol is alcoholism. Alcoholism is a word used to describe addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics have little to no control over their drinking habits, causing them to often drink heavily and suffer amplified effects of alcohol. Suffering alcoholism can easily shorten your life, and it can even leave the door open to other health issues.

If a person drinks heavily enough, they can actually begin to gain massive amounts of weight which leads to high blood pressure, heightened risk of heart problems, etc. Even after a person stops drinking, the weight gain may be hard to get rid of which can create a pretty undesired long term effect.

Unfortunately, for some, alcohol can come with much more serious and deadly long term effects such as cancer or liver disease. In studies, researchers have found that in between 2 and 4% of cancer cases, alcohol was to blame. These cases often involve upper body parts such as the mouth, esophagus, larynx and more. Also, because the substance directly affects the liver, there are several high risks such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and more.

More long term outcomes from alcohol include vitamin deficiencies, stomach problems and issues, memory loss and so much more. It can even leave lasting effects on your reproductive system causing sexual impotence. Obviously, the long term effects will never be worth the immediate effects which are the feelings of euphoria, funny moments, numbness, etc. Drinking alcohol comes with its perks, but it is a leisure activity that should be only done moderately. Alcohol is extremely easy to get addicted to, and the many that do never suspected that they would in the first place. If you plan to live a long, rich and full life, leave the bottle alone.



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