Longest Baseball Games Ever Played

One common trait links the longest baseball games ever played. These games were long enough to be split into two or three separate games. A 7th inning stretch would not suffice in these barn burners. Fans would need a 14th inning jog, followed by a 21st inning nap to get through these marathons of pitch and catch. This collection of the longest modern college and pro baseball games on record will make you think twice about asking someone to take you out to the old' ball game:

  1. Pawtucket Red Sox 3, Rochester Red Wings 2 (April 18-19, June 23, 1981): This showdown between the Triple A affiliates of the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins went down as the longest baseball game ever played on any professional level. It lasted 32 innings over two evenings before play was suspended indefinitely. The teams did not finish the game until two full months later. Combined game time was eight hours and 25 minutes over 33 innings.
  2. Chicago White Sox 7, Milwaukee Brewers 6 (May 8 -9, 1984): Back when the Brewers were still an AL team, these division rivals needed two evenings to decide the outcome of this game. It went 17 innings on the first night before league rules dictated the game be suspended and completed the following evening. Both teams racked up three runs in the 21st inning to make it 6-6. The White Sox finally prevailed when Harold Baines hit a home run in the bottom of the 25th inning. Over two evenings, the game lasted an astonishing eight hours and six minutes. 
  3. St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Mets 3 (September 11, 1974): This was the longest uninterrupted MLB game in history. It lasted seven hours and four minutes stretched over 25 innings before a pair of Mets' errors set up the winning run for the Cardinals. New York went to the plate 103 times. St. Louis had 99 at-bats.
  4. Texas 3, Boston College 2 (May 30, 2009): This NCAA Baseball regional game lasted seven hours and three minutes before the Longhorns finally prevailed in the 25th inning. Texas reliever Austin Wood pitched a no-hitter for 12 1/3 innings to prevent the Eagles from springing the upset.
  5. Houston Astros 1, New York Mets 0 (April 15, 1968): Six hours passed without either team getting on the scoreboard until Bob Aspromonte smacked a grounder between the legs of Mets' shortstop Al Weis in the bottom of the 24th inning to net the winning run. More than four decades later, it is still the longest shutout game in MLB history.
  6. Houston Astros 7, Atlanta Braves 6 (October 9, 2005): The Astros were involved in the longest MLB postseason game ever when it took 18 innings and five hours and 50 minutes to complete an improbable rally. Houston trailed 6-1 in the 8th inning when Lance Berkman hit a grand slam homer to make it a one-run game. Brad Ausmus hit another homer an inning later to force extra innings. Chris Burke produced yet another home run in the 18th for the game-winner.
  7. Chicago White Sox 7, Houston Astros 5 (October 25, 2005): Lasting 14 innings over five hours and 51 minutes, this was the longest World Series game both in terms of time and number of innings. The Astros blew a 4-0 lead by giving up five runs in the fifth inning and eventually lost when Geoff Blum homered to right field in the top of the 14th inning to put Chicago ahead for good.
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