Longest Sniper Shot

What is the longest sniper shot? Snipers have played a part of warfare, and police tactics, since the inception of the rifled barrel created the long distance sharpshooter they called a sniper. There are tales of amazing shots from the American War of Independence using Pennsylvanian and Kentucky longrifles, and the many British wars using the early Baker rifles. In the Western World, sniping did not really become a truly recognized and important part of the military until after the great World Wars I and II. In Vietnam the modern age of snipers came into its own and one of the most famous of Marine Corps snipers was at work, Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock. Carlos Hathcock made many special shots but his longest recorded shot was almost  2,500 meters using a modified Browning M2 machinegun.

Since that time, there have been world records set and kept by snipers from various countries. In March of 2002, a Canadian sniper team used the 12.7 mm McMillan TAC-50 rifle to set the then world's record of 7,972 ft, or 2657.3 yards, to kill an Al-Qaida gunman. Truly an incredible shot, this record was to last almost eight years when the record would fall to a British Army sniper in late 2009

In November of 2009, Craig Harrison of the Household Cavalry unit of the British Army used a Accuracy International L115A3 rifle in .338 Lapua to set the new world record of 8,120 ft, or 2706.6 yards. This is an incredible 3200 ft. greater than the specified range of the rifle. At that distance ,the bullet takes three seconds to reach the target and the smallest target movement or wind can equal a miss. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Cpl. Harrison performed this shot not once, but twice, killing two Taliban machine gunners.

That is the current world record longest sniper shot. Such a shot takes an extreme amount of skill, a superbly accurate rifle, and probably just a bit of luck. Fortunatly for his fellow soldiers Cpl. Harrison had all three on his side on that November day, perhaps saving a lot of lives. Well done Cpl. Harrison, well done.

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