Lou Gehrig Stats

The career of Lou Gehrig is one of the most remarkable in baseball history, as is the collection of the ten best Lou Gehrig stats he amassed during his playing days. Known as “The Iron Horse” for his durability, this Yankee was a mainstay in championship lineups. Going down as one of the greatest to ever play, his legacy went beyond the baseball diamond.

  1. The most amazing of all Lou Gehrig stats is his long-standing record for consecutive games played. Until Cal Ripken broke it in 1995, Gehrig had the record at 2,130 games played without missing a start.
  2. One of the most impressive of the collection of Lou Gehrig stats is his 23 career grand slams, a record to this day.
  3. Gehrig won the Triple Crown in 1934, the very rare feat of leading the league in batting average, home runs, and RBI’s.
  4. One of the more remarkable of all Lou Gehrig stats is his eight straight seasons of having at least 120 RBI’s.
  5. Batting clean up in the famous “Murderers’ Row” Yankees line-up, he was able to amass a ton of RBI’s, in fact, and had 1,995 for his career, fifth most in league history, one of the most impressive of all Lou Gehrig stats.
  6. In 1931, Gehrig hit 184 RBI’s, the second-most ever and in 1927, the year that the man batting in front of him—Babe Ruth—cleared the bases 60 times, Gehrig still managed a phenomenal 175 RBI’s, the fifth-most ever.
  7. One of the most interesting of all Lou Gehrig stats, is that he is one of only two players (Stan Musial) to hit 500 doubles, 150 triples, and 400 home runs.
  8. Gehrig once hit four home runs in a game.
  9. Gehrig was the league MVP twice, following the 1927 and 1936 seasons.



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