Love Pheromones

Scientists are still doing a lot of research into love pheromones and how humans react to them. Even though there are a lot of questions, some companies have tried to cash in on the concept of love pheromones by releasing products that contain generic. Some people claim that these products have helped them be more successful in attracting mates, but research suggests that this may not be exactly as it seems.

Pheromones are chemicals that are normally released by scent glands on animal’s body. In the animal kingdom, there is a lot of evidence that pheromones are a crucial part of the mating process. Many different species rely on pheromones to attract mates. When these chemicals are released, there are special receptors in the nose that can sense their presence, and trigger certain behaviors. This is responsible for a lot of the mating behavior that animals exhibit and that’s why many people call them love pheromones.

For a long time, scientists thought humans had no capacity for scent oriented mating instincts. We seemed to be missing important parts of the brain and certain receptors in our noses that can sense the presence of love pheromones. Eventually scientists discovered that people did in fact have the same biological parts that other animals have, but that they were simply smaller. There was initially a lot of skepticism about whether or not they would function at all.

Eventually, scientists did discover that pheromones do have an effect, but not necessarily in the way some companies selling love pheromones might suggest. Evidence shows that women prefer to smell the sweat of men who are less similar to them genetically. Many experts think this is a biological function designed to help people avoid inbreeding. This means that women may have a strong attraction to men with certain smells, but generic love pheromones produced by a company may not be that useful because people are generally only attracted to certain sets of pheromones.

This news has caused some people to try taking advantage of their own natural pheromones by allowing for a little more natural body odor. This would generally be done by avoiding masking the natural smell with things like antiperspirant of cologne. The effectiveness of this approach is still generally unproven. 



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