Love Songs For Wedding

Looking for love songs for wedding? There are hundreds of great wedding love songs out there, but of course, some are better than others. Your wedding is your special day, so it is completely up to you what song you want played. Use the list below of the best love songs for weddings tol help give you an idea when you are searching for the perfect love song for your wedding day.

  1. "Bridal Chorus". The "Bridal Chorus" is a wedding love song that was written by Richard Wagner. You are probably already familiar with the "Bridal Chorus", because it is the wedding love song that is played at most weddings across the world. In case you were wondering, the "Bridal Chorus" is actually from an opera that Richard Wagner wrote, which is called "Lohengrin".
  2. "Wedding March". The "Wedding March" is a wedding love song that is typically played when you walk out of the church. However, given the popularity of this love song, it is often played during the wedding ceremony, as well. The "Wedding March" was written by Felix Mendelssohn in 1842. This song became popular when it was played at Princess Royal's wedding in 1858. Princess Royal was the oldest child of Queen Victoria of England.
  3. "The Prince of Denmark's March". "The Prince of Denmark's March" is a traditional love song that is quite popular during wedding ceremonies. Jeremiah Clarke wrote this wedding love song in 1699. For many years, "The Prince of Denmark's March" was not a popular wedding love song. However, this song once again became popular when it was played at the wedding ceremony that joined Princess Di and Prince Charles in holy matrimony.
  4. "Canon in D". "Canon in D" is a wedding love song that was written by Pachabel. This wedding song is a classical wedding song that you may have heard played in the moments leading up to wedding ceremonies that you have attended in the past.
  5. "The Rejoicing". "The Rejoicing" is a wonderful wedding love song that George Frideric Handel wrote. In addition to being a great wedding love song, "The Rejoicing" is often played at other joyful occasions such as birthdays and baptisms.
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