Low Body Temperature Causes

Low body temperature causes can very serious. It can be a sign of bad health and an underlying medical condition. Individuals who experience low body temperature may notice their extremities to become cold and turn a purplish or pale color. There are many different cause that can cause the body to drop in temperature.

  1. Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is known to cause low body temperature. It can be transmitted through sexual contact as well as blood transfusions. There is no known cure hepatitis C, but there are treatments for the symptoms such as low body temperature that is associated with the disease.
  2. Thyroid disease. Many people suffer with having and over or under active thyroid each year. The condition is not life threatening but can cause many problems such as a person to have a low body temperature. The condition is treatable and is not life threatening.
  3. Sepsis. Sepsis can be a very serious condition that causes a person to experience a drop in their body temperature. The condition is a very serious bacterial infection and must be treated by a medical profession.
  4. Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a serious condition that causes the lungs to become inflamed and the body temperature to fluctuate. It is very common to experience a drop in body temperature with pneumonia. Pneumonia should be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to help with the symptoms.
  5. Anemia. Anemia is a very common condition among many individuals. Many individuals who do not eat a well balanced diet may be susceptible this condition. Anemia happens when the red blood cells are low in the body. The condition is common can also be very serious if not treated by a medical professional.
  6. Alcohol consumption. Many people enjoy drinking a little alcohol on occasions. But the over consumption of alcohol can lead to a drop in the body temperature. This can cause a threat for individuals who drink until they lose conscientiousness.
  7. Medications. Certain medications can cause the drop in a person’s body. It is important to know the side effects of any types of medications before operating any types of machinery.
  8. Surgery. After surgery a person can experience low body temperature. Many individuals lose blood during surgery, this can cause the body’s temperature to be lower than normal. It can take time for the body to regulate itself after surgery. Some individuals have to undergo blood transfusions if there is a significant amount of blood loss, to avoid other complications.
  9. Cold environment. Being outside in cold conditions for an extended amount of time can cause the body’s temperature to drop. It can lead to frostbite and death. It is important to wear the right layers of clothing when out in cold temperatures for a significant amount of time.
  10. Kidney failure. Kidney failure is a very serious condition that can cause the body temperature to drop tremendously. There are many different causes for kidney failure such as stopping blood pressure medications or drinking alcohol.
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