Low Interest Credit Cards

Credit card users are always in search for low interest credit cards. This will help them pay a lesser amount of interest from their credit card usage. Low interest credit cards give credit card users better savings too.

  1. Capital one Platinum Prestige Credit Card. Enjoy a regular annual percentage rate (APR) of 10.9% to 18.9%. You are protected with zero liability from any lost or stolen credit card from Capital One. Enjoy using this credit card at a low interest rate with no on-going annual fees. Furthermore, you can also enjoy their 24 hours travel assistance where you can get a replacement card. One significant feature of this credit card is the opportunity for the credit card holders to choose their own personalized credit card design.
  2. Citi Platinum Select Visa and Master Card. These low interest credit cards from Citibank offer an APR of 11.99% to 20.99% depending on your credit standing. You can enjoy the Citi identity theft solution and no annual fee charges. For cash advance, you can enjoy an APR of 25.24% only. You can also enjoy a very low finance charge of only 0.50%. Your first annual fee is waived.
  3. Simmons First Visa Platinum. Apart from its no annual fee scheme, Visa Platinum offers a very low interest credit card at 7.25%. Moreover, its credit card users are also protected with a Travel Accident Insurance without the additional charge from them. If you apply online for the card and want to avail of their balance transfer service you will not incur any balance transfer charges. However, only applicants with excellent credit ratings can avail the Visa Platinum card.
  4. IberiaBank Visa Platinum. This credit card offers variable low interest rates from 9.25% to 15.25%. The interest rate is based according to the cardholder’s creditworthiness. Cardholders are also eligible for a travel insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000. There is no expiration of the credit card account of its card holders who are in good standing.
  5. IberiaBank Gold Card. Just as its Visa Platinum card, you can enjoy the same low interest rates between 9.25% and 15.25% depending on your credit standing. Cardholders are covered with a travel accident insurance up to $500,000. They also offer classic card with a low interest rate of 7.25% up to 13.25% only. You also get to enjoy the lowest 1.99% APR for the first six months of using this credit card.



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