Low Testosterone In Men

Low testosterone in men is a fairly common problem. Generally speaking, men tend to lose testosterone as they age, but usually this doesn’t get bad enough to cause any serious issues. For some men, the decline can be more severe and it might happen more rapidly. When this occurs, many doctors use testosterone replacement therapy to try and improve the symptoms.

Testosterone can be described as the hormone of “maleness.”  When men are growing up, it’s the hormone that makes them change during puberty. It causes hair to grow on certain parts of the body, and it encourages increased muscle growth. It’s also a hormone that’s very much associated with the male sex drive.

One of the main symptoms of low testosterone in men is actually a decrease in sex drive. This is one of the reasons why many men develop sexual impotence as they get older, or suffer from a greatly decreased libido. It can also make some men feel tired all the time, or depressed.  A good example of an illness caused by low testosterone in men is a rapid loss of bone mass. This can lead to an increased chance for injuries.

Doctors have discovered that there is a connection between low testosterone in men and overall health decline, but they aren’t sure exactly why the two are connected. Some doctors actually think that low testosterone in men is a symptom rather than a cause of declining health, but this is still being debated.

Treatment for low testosterone in men generally involves hormone replacement. According to doctors, most men respond very well to these treatments, but some aren’t helped much at all. There are also doctors who feel the treatment is used too frequently, while others actually think it’s not used often enough. Overall, low testosterone in men is still being studied. More research is needed before science will be able to fully understand why it happens and how best to deal with it. 



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