Low Thyroid Level Symptoms

Low thyroid level symptoms in men can differ from those for women. Often misdiagnosed or just ignored, the patient can suffer far worse as the condition progresses. The thyroid’s hormones control every major body organ including the brain. Instead of blowing off symptoms, insist your doctor check your thyroid levels every year.

  1. Unexplained weight gain is one of the more visible symptoms. Low thyroid levels cause the metabolism to slow down, resulting in weight gain instead of fat burning. Even exercise and a diet any model would envy won’t take it off.
  2. Brittle hair that easily breaks or falls out when combed or brushed. Yup, your thyroid controls your hair too. It could be more than just baldness. Even though bald is sexy, treatment of low thyroid levels will keep your hair healthy.
  3. Unexplained or prolonged constipation is more than just annoying. Here again, low thyroid levels cause everything to slow down or stop working. Material builds up, causing gas and pain. Laxatives do little to help, neither does eating more roughage than Mr. Ed.
  4. Unusual sensitivity to cold is common with low thyroid level symptoms. The body can’t regulate the metabolism, so being able to stay warm is difficult. You may even feel cold in air conditioned rooms you used to be comfortable in.
  5. Fatigue that ranges from mild to extreme, even with proper amounts of sleep. This can be blown off by many people thinking the cause is stress from something. But the fatigue doesn’t stop, since the thyroid isn’t able to regulate your metabolism.
  6. Abnormally dry skin- the kind that makes women think about alligator purses. No matter what you do, it flakes, cracks and looks terrible. It even itches. Asking women about dry skin lotion is terrible, when combined with the other symptoms.
  7. Depression is no joke. Your thyroid makes thyroxin and T3, which travels to the brain. T3 helps regulate your emotions. When the T3 is too low, your emotions are out of whack, causing depression and other thyroid symptoms.
  8. Impotence or decreased desire is a major symptom that is often overlooked. If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, no one really pays attention when you’re not able or don’t want to. Combined with the other symptoms, your body is really trying to tell you it needs help.
  9. Changes in memory aren’t uncommon as we age, but low thyroid levels make it profound. Forgetting the wife’s birthday doesn’t count. Forgetting your co-worker’s names, names of everyday objects, the kids names, etc., is a serious symptom that shouldn’t be ignored.
  10. Taking longer to recover from illness than usual is a symptom your doctor should look into. The thyroid gland regulates everything, and if the healing mechanisms aren’t working properly, other conditions could develop. Rarely, but ultimately, untreated thyroid problems can kill you.
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