Lower Back Fat Exercises For Men

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about lower back fat exercises for men. By performing these exercises, you can not only help to burn lower back fat, but can also ensure an overall healthier lifestyle. Be sure to follow proper technique in order to achieve optimal results.

  1. Plank. The plank is one of the all-around best exercises for lower back fat. To perform a plank, start by coming onto your stomach. Place your elbows on the ground below your shoulders, and your knees and toes on the ground. Take a deep breath, and as you do so, lift your knees off the ground. Hold your body in a "plank" position for as long as position. Ideally, your body should be in a straight line from your head to your feet.
  2. Russian twist. This is another great exercise that can be used to burn lower back fat. To perform this exercise, sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of your body. Lean back slightly and rotate your body, bringing both hands to the ground near your right hip. Now rotate your body again, and bring your hands to the ground near your left hip. Continue rotating your body back and forth for thirty seconds. Rest, and repeat.
  3. Side plank. Like the traditional plank, side plank is a great way to burn lower back fat. To perform the exercise, lay on your right side with your right elbow on the ground and your hips, knees and ankles stacked on top of each other. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, use the muscles in your lower back to lift your hips off the ground. As with the traditional plank, hold the pose for as long as possible. Rest, and repeat.
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