Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

If you are trying to lose weight and you like to party, you need to switch to one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks available. Some alcoholic drinks can be high in calories, which can put extra inches on your waist. Check out the following list for some enjoyable low calorie drinks.

  1. If you are a beer drinker, switch to the following low calorie brews. Pabst extra Light Low Alcohol has a mere 67 calories per 12 oz serving. Enjoy a 12 oz Molson extra light and you will only be adding an extra 82 calories to your diet. If you reach for an Anheuser Busch Natural Light, when you finish drinking it, you will have consumed 95 calories. When you feel like cheating on your low calorie beer drinking, have a 126 calorie 12 oz Guiness Stout. Avoid McEwans Scottish Ale as they are very high in calories, 295 per 12 oz, and Anchor Porter 209.
  2. Guys who enjoy wine have low calorie choices also. A four oz glass of white zinfandel is the best choice at just 80 calories. Drink the same amount of Chablis and you will still be safe at 85 calories. If you like Chardonnays, keep enjoying them, they have around 90 calories per 4 ozs. If you like Ruby Port wines stop drinking them, they have a whooping 185 calories per 4 oz glass.
  3. There are even low calorie choices for men who enjoy liquor. For cocktail lovers, switch to Bloody Marys (made with vodka), Manhattans (made with whiskey) or highballs (made with Scotch whiskey). Each has a caloric count in the mid 100s. Moscow Mules (made with vodka) and Mojitos (made with light rum) are good liquor choices as well. Sweet liquor or liqueurs are the worst choice if you are looking for low calorie drinks.
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