Lowest Points On Earth

The world is made up of a number of extremes, including the lowest points on Earth. From the highest mountain to the deepest sea there are extremes on Earth from high to low. The lowest point on Earth lies in a deep dark sea.

  1. Dead Sea Depression – The lowest point on Earth is found in the Dead Sea. The depression in the sea is just over 400 meters below sea level leaving this area the deepest darkest place on Earth. The depth isn't exact due to the rising and falling of the water level. The amount of rainfall, heat, humidity and other factors change the water level of the Dead Sea.

  2. Death Valley, California – In North America, Death Valley is the lowest point. It is 86 meters under sea level. Not only is Death Valley the lowest point but it is one of the hottest and one of the driest.

  3. Afar Depression in Lake Assal – The Afar Depression is along the shoreline of the lake making it the lowest point in Africa and the second lowest point on Earth. The water that feeds the lake is evaporated nearly as quickly as it fills it. The evaporation makes the lake the saltiest body of water on Earth.

  4. Turfan Depression – Located in China, the Turfan Depression is 154 meters below sea level. The high evaporation rate lowers water levels before the rainfall can elevate them. The Turfan Depression is in the Aydingkol Lake.

  5. San Julian's Great Depression – The lowest point in South America is located in Argentina. At 105 meters below sea level the San Julian's Great Depression is the lowest land point both North and South America.   



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