Lump Behind Ear Causes

Lump behind ear causes can be numerous but only a doctor can tell you the real reasoning behind the lump itself. When a person finds a lump behind their ear the first reaction is to panic and think that they are dying. This is not always the case and so you shouldn't panic at the first sight of the lump but instead find out from your physician why it is there. The doctor can examine the lump and tell you the cause of the lump so don't panic unless your doctor gives you bad news.

  1. Swollen Lymph Node  While waiting to go to the doctor to find out about the lump do not continuously touch it. Remember there are lymph nodes behind your ear and the lump itself may just be a swollen lymph node. If it is a swollen lymph node then touching the lump may cause it to grow larger which will just have you more nervous about the situation. The lymph node is supposed to fight off infection in the body and when the lymph node becomes swollen it just means that you either have now or did have an infection in your body and this is the way your body decided to react to the infection. 
  2. Pimple/Hair Follicle  Another cause for a lump behind your ear can be the result of a pimple or infected hair follicle. There is no way to avoid the lump if this is the cause you will just have to let your body deal with it on its own. A lump can also be a reaction from a cat's scratch or a noncontagious type of tuberculosis Which will cause the lumpy node to become swollen. 
  3. Cyst  If it is determined that the lump is not a swollen lymph node then there is a chance that it is a sebaceous cysts. This is a common occurrence and usually results from your glands producing oils faster than your skin is releasing it. Both the swollen lymph node and the sebaceous cysts can take a few months to go down in size. These type of lumps are not a health risk to the individual but just like anything else it can become infected if you constantly touch the area. Now just so you know there is a small possibility that the lump is cancerous but the chances are slim and you shouldn't worry yourself about it until the doctor tells you the cause.
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