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Macbook parts are known for their high quality performance when it comes to personal computers. Apple produces Macbooks, which is one of the biggest technology and software developers actually. They release new products with new features every year so they’re always on the cutting edge. When it comes to MacBook parts, they’re not the exception. Each MacBook is built with the best pieces in the market and although they may vary between different models they all have the same general specifications. This is a list of the most fundamental parts of a MacBook you should take in consideration when buying one.

  1. Hard Drive. The hard drive is where all the information of the MacBook is saved. Macbooks have Sata hard drives with a considerable capacity that varies depending on the model and its features specifications. Sata hard drives are reliable and efficient. The capacity of MacBook’s hard drive is generally between 120gb and 360gb so you have enough space to keep your information saved.
  2. Logic Board. The logic board is the main part of a MacBook. It’s like the brain of the MacBook, since every other part of it depends on the functioning of the logic board. Most MacBook laptops use Intel Core Duo logic boards between 1.6 and 3.2 GHz. The potency of the logic board will depend on the tasks you realize when using a MacBook since when more sophisticated and heavy programs are run like videogames or design programs a more complex logic board will be needed.
  3. Video Card. The MacBook is known for having an advanced video card that allows users to run videos and games easily and fast. MacBook uses a NVIDIA graphics processor and the most sophisticated models use an AMD Radeon HD graphic processor, which is one of the most advanced video cards in any computer actually. Video cards are an important part of a MacBook since it will assure a fast performing.
  4. Sound Card. MacBook has potent and high quality speakers. Apple is a specialist when it comes to developing sound systems, using Intel Audio HD sound card processor in most of their model series. You can also get to your MacBook external speakers so you can have more intensity to make it sound louder. Remember that sound cards specifications will vary according to the model of MacBook you own.
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