Macbook Repair Tools

Having the proper Macbook repair tools can help you to not ruin your precious laptop when attempting to fix. If you are handy with repair work and can spend some time researching tips and advice online, these tools can also save you a ton of money on paying a professional to do the job. With these Macbook repair tools you will be on your way to solving laptop computer problems.

  1. TORX T8 Screwdriver You will come across T8 size screws when repairing a MacBook. They are generally found on the case itself and even in the hard drive carrier on PowerBook G4 17 inch and Powerbook G4 Titanium editions. This Macbook repair tool is one of two TORX screwdrivers you will need.
  2. TORX T6 Screwdriver This is the second TORX screwdriver required for Macbook repair work. The number 6 in T6 refers to this screwdriver's 6-point pattern that is in a formation similar to a star. The overall length for this repair tool is 6 inches and will remove TORX screws that will be located on the case of your Macbook.
  3. Non-Marking Pry Tool This temperature resistant, 6 inch long "Black Stick" as it is often referred to, is a standard Macbook repair tool utilized by Apple technicians. This tool is properly called an Apple Nylon Probe/Spudger Tool and its official Apple product number is 922-5065. The flat end on this vital repair utensil is used for wire leads, its notched edge is for pulling and attaching Mac components and wires, and the pointed side is for probing and holding objects steady for soldering. It will not scratch surfaces and can also be used to fix Apple iPhones, ipods, MP3/MP4 players, Apple desktops, and even PCs.
  4. Phillips #00 Screwdriver – Your tool collection to repair your Macbook laptop should have this smaller version of a Phillips screwdriver. This particular tool will come in handy with various models in Steve Job's Apple computer family. This diminutive driver is a requirement to pry open particular parts of not just the MacBook, but also the Macbook Pro and the Powerbook G4.
  5. Phillips #1 Screwdriver – You will be happy to know that this Macbook repair tool is most likely one that you already have. This is the standard Phillips screwdriver – not to be confused with the flathead screwdriver. You will find Phillips head screws that will need removing from your Macbook.
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