Madagascar Movie Characters

Madagascar movie characters make this animated film enjoyable for both children and adults. The movie centers around a group of zoo animals that, through and interesting events, find themselves in Kenya. Together, they work to find a way back to the Central Park Zoo. You will be surprised to find how much you will enjoy all of the interactions between these movie characters. While it seems like a kid's movie on the outside, adults can easily sit through this film and stay interested.

  1. Alakay and/or Alex (voice of Ben Stiller). Alex the lion is the main attraction at the Central Park Zoo because of his ability to entertain. He is also the main move character. After he escapes the zoo in search of his friend Marty, he is shipped off to Kenya where he makes a few new friends and realizes some of the differences between captivity and life in the wild.
  2. Marty (voice of Chris Rock). Marty is a zebra that isn't happy with his situation at the zoo. On his birthday, he decides to make an escape with the help of the penguins and see what it is like in the world outside of the zoo. After being sent to Kenya, Marty finds that he enjoys the wild, but his friend Alex doesn't do as well. The conflict between the two is one of the main focal points of the movie.
  3. Melman (voice of David Schwimmer). Melman the giraffe suffers from hypochondria. There is always something wrong with him and he takes a variety of medicines. He follows along with the group and discovers that he enjoys certain parts of the wild in Kenya.
  4. Gloria (voice of Jada Pinkett Smith). Gloria the hippo is like the mother of the group. This movie character takes care of everyone and tries to help in the conflict between Marty and Alex. She also loves to eat.
  5. King Julien XIII (voice of Sacha Baron Cohen). King Julien is a ring-tailed lemur and by far one of the adults' favorite characters. He has named himself king and lives a self-centered life. He is constantly looking to be the center of attention and doesn't mind sacrificing his friends to get out of trouble. Be sure to listen carefully to some of this movie character's lines. You don't want to miss a good laugh.
  6. Maurice (voice of Cedric the Entertainer). Maurice is King Julien's right hand man. While he is not amused by some of of King Julien's escapades, he serves in the court and tries to make sense of things.
  7. Mort (voice of Andy Richter). Mort is a mouse lemur and is enamored by King Julien. Julien, on the other hand, finds Mort incredibly annoying.
  8. The penguins consists of Skipper (voice of Tom McGrath), Kowalski (voice of Chris Miller), Private (voice of Christopher Knight) and Rico (voice of John DiMaggio). Each on has his own personality which adds up to an interesting combination. They are constantly trying to escape from the zoo and after finding themselves successful are sent on a boat to Antarctica. They drop off the boat before it reaches its destination and end up with the rest of the group in Kenya.
As you watch, try to figure out which of the movie characters you have the most in common with. Madagascar movie characters have some great interactions and dialogue that will keep you laughing throughout the movie.
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