Madden 10 Cheats

"Madden 10" cheats will make any gamer out there an all pro when going head to head against other gamers or marching a path to glory. The seasons punish those not ready to take the gridiron and compete against the elite of the NFL. Gamers learn early that mercy is for the weak as quarterback carve up pathetic defensive plays like Thanksgiving turkeys and linebackers who crush running backs just for fun. It will take more than discipline and fast reflexes to master the football field and unlock all the secrets to victory. Cheats for "Madden 10" help gamers achieve their goals of winning the big game and staying on top of the NFL.

  1. Create an All Star Team. Be the General Manager of the Century by creating your own All Star team to cheat the competition in "Madden 10". Shut off the salary cap and select any high caliber player you want. Convert him to quarterback if he isn't one already and lower his rating to twelve. Push the Start button and choose to hold on to him without saving, then trade one of your weakest players for him. This action will allow the trade to be accepted and now convert him back to original position and you have an all pro in your squad. Repeat the process to form your own all star team.
  2. Get Awesome Draft Picks. Pile up the high draft picks despite being one of the best teams in the NFL during Franchise Mode for "Madden 10". Wait until week seventeen before the playoffs start and look for the weakest teams in the league (30th, 31st and 32nd). Initiate a trade with the first, second and third round draft picks with each of those hard luck teams. Now, no matter if your team wins the big game, you'll have the top picks in the draft to continue your NFL dynasty.  
  3. Unlock Superstar Mode. Try to get the Superstar mode right off the gate in "Madden 10". Input the following cheat in the Extras menu: EGOBOOST. Take on all the elements and difficulties of staying in top form and working hard to build up the team you are a part of in order to feel what the athletes go through.
  4. Unlock the Superbowl Stadium. Many NFL teams work hard during the seventeen week schedule in "Madden 10" to make it to the championship game. Input THEBIGSHOW in the Extras menu to unlock the Super Bowl stadium. Head out to the field and absorb the atmosphere of the big game and have fun!
  5. Master Code. Hard work generally pays off for everyone in "Madden 10" to find every mode and secret at your whim. Input the following cheat in the Extras menu: THEWORKS. This will unlock everything in the game so now you can skip all the nonsense and enjoy every facet of the title.
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