Madden 11 Cheats

"Madden 11" cheats allow gamers a smoother path toward unlocking the secrets and going long and deep in the famous NFL gaming franchise. Gamers cannot get enough of playing their favorite NFL pros and teams either head to head with friends or during the season and playoffs. The challenges of the NFL come fast and hard just like their real life counterparts. The spectacle and intensity are captured from the gridiron as gamers relive their fantasies of the NFL. Cheats for "Madden 11" work to bring out the best of the NFL's signature gaming series as gamers pick up their controllers and march on to the field to achieve greatness.

  1. Create a Player with 99 in all Attributes for Superstar Mode. Enter the Creation Zone in "Madden 11" and select Create New Player to design a rookie. Choose any team for the player then when prompted to rate his attributes max them out to 99. Enter the Superstar Mode and choose "Use Rookie as Superstar" and now the rookie will be available with its maxed out attributes.
  2. Obtain Top Draft Picks after winning the Championship. Give away all of your draft picks to the worst team before Week 6 of the season's trade deadline in "Madden 11." Or, cheat a little bit and turn off the trade deadline option in the settings for Franchise Mode then make a trade for a guaranteed First Overall Draft Pick on Week 17. Either way, you will get the championship and secure yourself an awesome draft to boot. 
  3. Create Your Own Fantasy Team. Turn off both the Fantasy Draft and Salary Cap options in "Madden 11" for the PS3. Enter the Franchise Mode and press L1 to select all of the teams. Choose a team by pressing R1 then trade every star player to that team. Now go through the regular season with the ultimate team to crush the competition.
  4. Gain 100 Overall Rating. Create an NFL player and max out all of their attributes to 99 in "Madden 11." Sign up your superstar player to a seven-year, $112 million contract in the Salary option. Save the new NFL pro star in the making and head over to player management and there you will see the overall skills become 100.
  5. Complete Hidden Achievements. There are two hidden achievements in "Madden 11" that players can earn through gameplay. Compete in the Pro Bowl in Franchise Mode to earn the "Thanks For Coming" achievement. The "Nano" achievement is done by sacking the quarterback before he has a chance to hand off the football. 
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