Mafia Wars Strategy

When you first start playing Mafia Wars having a good Mafia Wars strategy can make the difference between being a power player in digital world of organized crime, or staying at the lower levels for an interminable amount of time and giving up the game. If you want to beat the bosses and get to the top, this Mafia Wars strategy will help you to be the best player of Mafia Wars that you can be. In order to be the best Mafia Wars player you have to allocate your skill points wisely. Skill points are the points that you get at each new level. In the beginning of Mafia Wars those skill points come quickly, and levels are easy to attain. Wasting these points will make the rest of your Mafia Wars strategy harder to use, so start with the proper use of your skill points as quickly as possible. Let's look at the possible places where you can use your skill points.

  1. Attack. Your attack skill does two things. Most notably, when you attack another player, or a boss, in Mafia Wars your attack value is compared to their defense value to help determine the success of your attack. This value also has some impact on how much damage you do attacking or defending.
  2. Defense. Your defense ability helps to determine if attacks made against you are successful, and how much damage you will take.
  3. Health. This is the amount of life you have. Since players can heal at the hospital fairly easily, this number is only important to deal with during a combat. Not to mention, when you get to 0-19 points you enter a proteced mode where attacks from hits do no damage.
  4. Energy. This skill allows you to complete quests and take other actions that gain you levels.
  5. Stamina. This skill gives you an idea of how much fighting you can do. Fighting is one of the fastest ways that you can get special loot and can help you to leverage the regeneration timer, in order to get as much done in as short a time as possible in Mafia Wars.
  6. Your Strategy. If you want to maxamize your levels and get the best Mafia Wars play, here is what you will do. In the early levels focus one skill point in each level into attack and defense, to give you a fighting shot in combats. The spend two points in Stamina (which costs two points for one upgrade) and the rest in Energy.  As you get past level 10, pass on Attack and Defense every other level to funnel more points into energy.
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