Mail Merge From Excel To Word

How do you create a mail merge from Excel to Word? Creating a mail merge between an established database of names and addresses in Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Word allows you to quickly and easily address form letters or create address labels for a large mailing. Whether addressing business mailers or your annual holiday greetings, learning to create a mail merge makes the task of addressing and labeling a large number of mail pieces so much easier. How do you create a mail merge? The process is quite simple and can be done accomplished quickly with a few easy steps.

What do you need to create a mail merge from Excel and Word?

  • Home computer or data processing device
  • Microsoft Excel program
  • Microsoft Word program
  • Basic computer and word processing skills
  1. Create the address database in Excel. If you have already set up a spreadsheet or workbook in Microsoft Excel containing the address details to be used for the mail merge, simply save the workbook to an easily accessible location and move on to step two. If you have not created an address database, begin with a new sheet in a new workbook. Add the name and address details to the Excel workbook. If you are not sure how to create your mailing database, check the Microsoft Excel Help information for details on getting the data entered and formatted correctly.
  2. Save the Excel database to a known location. Name the Excel file appropriately. Save the workbook to a location that you will remember and close the Excel program.
  3. Open Microsoft Word and begin the mail merge process. Open the Microsoft Word program. Click Tools from the top menu options, select Letters and Mailings and choose Mail Merge Wizard. The wizard makes the mail merge process between Excel and Word quite simple.
  4. Choose the document type for the mail merge. You must select whether the merge is for a letter, email, envelopes, mailing labels or for a directory. Select the option for which you plan to use the addresses and click Next or Continue. For this tutorial, we will create addressed form letters, but the Wizard makes the steps fairly self explanatory for the other options as well.
  5. Choose the document type if you are creating a letter. Will you be creating the letter from scratch or is it already saved or to be created from a template?  If you are creating a letter or form to be addressed, you must either create it in this step or let the program know which saved document you intend to use for merge.
  6. Select recipients. In this step, you will select Use an Existing List and click Browse to locate the excel sheet containing your desired address or mailing details. Click the option to Open the workbook.
  7. Select the table of Excel information. Follow the remaining Mail Merge Wizard steps to create the merged document. Locate and click the desired list from the Select Table options. Your excel data likely contains column headers, so be sure that you indicate this on the Select Table options screen.
  8. Choose the data from the Excel sheet to be included in the merged document or label selection. The next screen, the Mail Merge Recipients, allows you to the select the appropriate column labels to merge into the word document. For example, while you may want to keep a telephone number in the Excel database, you would not likely select it for the mail merge. You can also pick and choose recipients from your database at this time as well by clicking the Edit Recipient List option and choosing only the names that you wish to have included in the merge.
  9. Compose, edit, preview and print the mail merged document. The remainder of the mail merge wizard guides users through steps to edit the merged document if desired. Preview the final results and either print, email or save the merged creation.
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