Make A Custom Paintball Mask

You might want to make a custom paintball mask if what you have in mind can’t be found in stores. There are actually several ways you can make your own custom paintball mask, and you can use various items to do so! If you’re ready to make your own custom paintball mask, check out this guide for the best tips on doing so.

  1. Use covers or other “masks.” Have you ever seen a cool paintball mask that exhibited a face or monstrous head? You can actually do this yourself by purchasing covers or making your own covers. If you’d like to use your own, you can either make them by using things like Halloween masks and fitting them over your paintball mask or molding your own cover!
  2. Use paint. Maybe you’ve seen a pretty impressive design on a paintball mask that you’d like to recreate yourself. Many people make custom paintball masks by using paint! If you’ve got a bit of an artistic side to you, you can paint on cool designs on the sides of your paintball mask to make it appear vicious!
  3. Customize a mask you already own. Yes, you can customize a paintball mask that you already own by doing some work to it. Maybe you’re not too happy with the amount of comfort that your paintball mask provides on the inside. In this case, you can affix some foam to parts that have been bugging you. Maybe the lens on your mask fogs up too much or it has an immense amount of blemishes and scratches. In this case, you can customize the lens so that it is more resistant to fog and scratches. There are lots of things you can do to customize what you already have!
  4. Order it custom. Some companies in fact will make custom masks for customers, and this is definitely one way you can get a custom piece of headgear. You can customize all sorts of things including resistance to jaw slap, adjustable straps, comfort foam, venting, the lens, and so much more!
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