Make Custom Skydiving Jumpsuits

In order to make custom skydiving jumpsuits, you will need certain specific materials, equipment to sew these jumpsuits together and a number of other clothing items like zippers and reflective patches or tape, that should be put on the outside. As you will be jumping out of an airplane from at least 8,000 or more feet in the air, it's going to be cold and also really windy. This means the suit should be able to hold in your body heat as well as not create serious drag on the wind, causing it to possibly rip apart and fly into your face or jam your parachute, causing a tragic problem. Keep this in mind when you make your custom skydiving jumpsuit.

To make a custom skydiving jumpsuit, you will need:

  • Windproof Spandex
  • Long Zipper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Nylon Thread
  • Reflective tape or Patches
  1. Cut windproof spandex to size on your body. Cut a large piece of spandex and wrap it around your body, from back to front. Measure and size each section, as a tailor would and then cut out. Make sure to make it a little loose, so that it is not skin tight and you don't have to squeeze into it. You're not going scuba diving.
  2. Sew all the sections together. With a sewing machine and nylon thread, sew all the necessary sections of the jumpsuit together, except for the area on the very front. Cross stitch each of these sections so that they won't pull apart when you are falling through the sky at terminal velocity. Test this by pulling on each part of the custom skydiving jumpsuit  and making sure it doesn't tear apart.
  3. Attach a zipper to the front. The zipper should run from the crotch of the pants to the neck of the skydiving jumpsuit, down the middle of it. This zipper can be attached with a sewing machine and more nylon thread. Spend some money on this zipper, so that it will last a long time and won't jam with regular uses.
  4. Sew on reflective patches. While reflective patches are more for general flare on a skydiving jumpsuit, it will also help people see where you are when you are falling or floating through the sky, as these patches will reflect sunlight. Use nylon thread and your sewing machine to attach these patches to different parts of the jumpsuit, where ever you see fit. Just make sure they are properly attached with the thread so they don't come undone mid-free fall.
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