Make A Dirt Bike Street Legal

You can make your dirt bike street legal with a couple of forms and relatively minor adjustments. The typical street legal bike has a horn, signal and navigation lights, and tires that all meet specific requirements set forth by the D.O.T or the Department of Transportation. The stock dirt bike does not meet these requirements. Once you change out the parts, you will need to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and secure forms that state your dirt bike is street legal.

Things you will need to make a dirt bike street legal:

  • Electrical kit – dual sport
  • Baffle
  • Two Mirrors
  • Speedometer with a magnetic pickup
  • Sport tires –Dual with DOT approval
  • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin form
  1. Take the stock head lights, tail lights, turn signals and brake lights off of the dirt bike. Replace the parts with the lights from the sport kit. Make sure all the wires are secured together tightly so the connections work properly. Test each light by turning on the corresponding switch to ensure the dirt bike is street legal.
  2. Mount one mirror on each handlebar to make the dirt bike street legal.
  3. Reduce the amount of noise coming from the exhaust by installing a baffle on the muffler.
  4. Mount a speedometer on the front to make the dirt bike street legal. Be sure to make the connection to the front wheel.
  5. Remove the off road tires and replace them with D.O.T. approved sport tires to make the dirt bike street legal.
  6. Report the street legal dirt to the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Fill out the registration forms and give them a copy of the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. Your state might require an inspection.
  7. Register the bike and purchase the license plate and mount it to the back of the dirt bike.
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