Make Her Forget About Your Size: 5 Strategies

If you aren't confident that you are big enough down there, here are 5 strategies to make her forget about your size.  There are ways to fool her into thinking that you're much larger. Having a small penis isn't really a problem, as long as you know what you are doing with it. .

  1. Find a New Position There are some positions that allow for deeper penetration, thus making you feel larger to her. Doggie style is a particularly great one. The vagina is stretched lengthwise, and you will be able to penetrate very deeply. Try to go slow, this will make you feel very large to her. 
  2. Change Angle of Penetration You can change the angle of penetration based on the position you're in. For example, if you are doing missionary style sex, put a pillow under her bottom in order to elongate the vagina. This slight change in angle will allow you to make her forget about your size. 
  3. Use Foreplay to your Advantage The more sexually aroused a woman is, the more sensitive her naughty parts are. This added natural lubrication will remove friction from the intercourse, so everything will be more intense for her. 
  4. Anal Sex Any item that penetrates the anus feels large due to the tightness of the rectum muscles. Use plenty of lubrication, and go slow; anal sex is a great way to make her forget about your size. 
  5. Lights out Most of a woman's feelings during sex come from visual cues. If you turn the lights out, she will have to rely on her sense of touch. This simple step makes every move you make more intense.

If you're self-conscious about your penis, and want her to forget that you may be less-than-average sized, try some of these tips. The most important part, as always, remains intimacy. Try adding some kisses, dirty talk, or eye contact, to make the act seem more intimate,and you will successfully make her forget about your size. 

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