Make A Homemade Billiards Pool Table

The game of shooting pool is one of the most fun forms of entertainment, and you can easily make a homemade billiards pool table. You will find it to be a pricey project, but you can make your new pool table in a single weekend.

Things you will need:

  • Large wood slats
  • 2×8 wooden boards
  • Slate
  • Drill with 3/4-inch drill bit
  • Goggles
  • 3/8-inch bolts
  • Washers
  1. Build the frame. A standard billiards pool table is four feet by nine feet wide. Measure out wood slats and put them together using a hammer and nails. Make sure in advance that the dimensions across will equal the standard size.
  2. Determine the cabinet size. Measure the distance of where the corner pockets will go, but subtract three-fourths of an inch. This is so that when you build the cabinets for your pool table, they will fit instead of sticking out at either side.
  3. Add extra wood to the body. For depth and sturdiness, you should add extra layers of wood to the pool table's frame. Each should be three-fourths inches, and the first should be oak while the other two, the lattermost being a trim, should be hickory.
  4. Build the legs of the table. Two by eight boards can be used for the leg mounts on your homemade pool table. Glue and screw in the legs to the cabinet and to the table support itself. Be aware that pool table legs should be approximately 29 and one-half inches tall. You will need to add an extra layer of wood for added support, as well.
  5. Install two beams on table. A pair of two by eight beams should be assembled across the table at the four and one-half feet length, as though separating the pool table into thirds. This is meant to give your homemade billiards table added support when you are eventually shooting a game of pool on it.
  6. Put a slate support on the table's top. This component is made out of poplar. Some of these come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. You can get this item from a hardware/home goods store. Add trim over the outer edges of the slate. You should use hickory for this, and it should measure three-fourths inches wide by four to six inches for each piece.
  7. Drill holes for the pockets. Of course, you do not want to forget to create the pockets so you can actually play pool! Check the standard rail length distance between billiard table holes before you drill. Use a three-fourths inch spade bit on your drill to create the pocket holes.
  8. Mount railings. You will want to add railings to all four sides of your billiards table, as the game requires them. Use three-eights inch bolts and washers to install them. The railings should be square.
  9. Add the blinds for the final touch. Your blinds should be the same length as the railings. Glue and nail three four inch by one by one inch pieces of wood that should lay level with the slate backing. These are meant to hold the slate permanently to the billiards table.
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